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Beta Test

You are invited to help testing the upcoming release of Flow CSV Viewer and Editor. They can be downloaded and installed here:

Flow CSV Editor v1.1b will stop working once the final version is released. However, any beta tester who reports feedback will be offered the final version for free.

You may of course test in any way you like, but here is some inspiration for what you can do:

Please report any feedback - bugs, unexpected beahaviour, annoying user interface, feature requests and praise - by email to jerker@waveworks (add .dk manually). Please send new feedback immediately as soon as you experience it, rather than saving it up and sending all of it in the end. If a problem involved a specific CSV file and you accept to share it, please zip it and attach it to the email. If the file is large large, try to see if the same problem can be reproduced with a shortened version of the file and send that instead.

Example CSV Files